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Alexandria for Engineering Industries

Alexandria Company for Engineering Industries was established in 1992. The company specializes in manufacturing production lines of mineral oils, grease, caustic soda, hazardous, medical and non-hazardous waste treatment and recycling systems, in addition to all metal works and metal forming.

Alexandria Company for Engineering Industries is honored to provide its services and experience that exceed 25 years with the highest quality in manufacturing, with a distinguished mechanical and chemical engineering team, in addition to an experienced and skilled technical team specialized in the field of oils and petroleum.

Alexandria Company for Engineering Industries is constructing:

  • Mineral oils refining lines with distillation by vacuum and tower system.

  • Mineral oil refining lines with chemical catalysts

  • Simplified oil refining lines that are similar to the Syrian system and a developed primary sedimentation system to reduce the amount of soil.

  • Refining lines for semi-distilled oils, filtration and filtration by clay or soil

  • Biodiesel production lines from raw vegetable or animal oils.

  • Mineral oils manufacturing and production lines.

  • Heavy crude oil refining lines

  • Bitumen emulsion production lines.

  • Bitumen improvement lines (bitumen polymerization).

  • Biodiesel production lines.

  • Chemical production lines.

  • Paint and coating production lines.

  • Heating systems (boiler).

  • Cooling systems.

  • Animal blood refining production lines in order to get protein.



We provide technical and consulting services to those who wish to develop their existing production lines.

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