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Alexandria Company for Engineering Industries is an Egyptian company located in Alexandria, Al-Amriyah, Al-Nasiriyah region. Our company specializes in constructing high quality mineral oil refining plants and in the fastest time to ensure distinguished service to build strong confidence for our customers.

Alexandria Engineering Industries Company is one of the best and most efficient companies specialized in the field of manufacturing complete distillation lines under vacuum in the towers way, in addition to manufacturing grease lines, mixing and packaging lines using the latest technological methods. We have the most qualified staff, maintenance engineers, and installation specialists in the field.

Important information


What are the lubricants made of?

Lubricants mostly consist of essential oils, which represent 90% of their composition, and the rest is a group of additives.

Are essential oils the same as crude oil?

In the stages of the crude oil refining process, the heavy hydrocarbons are separated from the light ones. The resulting heavy hydrocarbons are used in the manufacture of essential oils and bitumen, while the light hydrocarbons are used in the production of gasoline and other types of fuel.

How are essential oils made?

It is a group of traditional petroleum essential oils, which are the least refined type of petroleum essential oil. They are produced through a process called solvent refining.

What are the differences between the five types of essential oils?

It is a group of traditional petroleum essential oils, which are the least refined type of petroleum essential oil. They are produced through a process called solvent refining (advantages) refining with solvents, containing less than 90% of saturated materials and containing more than 0.03% sulfur, its viscosity coefficient is between 80 – 120%. A group of 2 essential oils that are highly refined, produced by partial hydrocracking technology, which works to remove all impurities from the essential oil, which results in a light-colored oil, (its advantages) Partial hydrocracking contains more than 90% of saturated materials, containing less than 0.03% sulfur, viscosity index between 80-120%, a group that is petroleum essential oil with the best available degree of refining, and in this case the production is carried out by using the complete hydrocracking technique.

Why are recycled lubricants more popular?

Recycled lubricants represent about 70% of the global market need, while virgin oils represent only 30%. There is more than one reason for this, one of the main reasons is that recycled lubricants are cheaper to buy for all grades and service centers, and they are sold at a price very close to oils which makes garage owners and service centers use the most profitable products for them, which are recycled products despite being bad for the actual consumer, and they tend to refuse to buy virgin products because it creates lower profit margins for them, and even those who already have virgin lubricants on the shops shelves, also tend to market recycled lubricants to their customers to earn more.


The functional structure of the company

  • Chairman of Board of Directors

Eng. Reda Mohammed Mohammed Al-Zahar.

  • Deputy Chairman of the Board

Eng. Nabil Reda Mohammed Al-Zahar.

  • Public Relation Manager

Eng. Mohammad Mahmoud Suleiman.

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